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      Founding Story

      Our founder, Michelle, was born and raised in the small town of Hanalei, Kauai. From a young age, she had a passion for jewelry, but the lack of affordable and high-quality options led her on a journey to create her own jewelry line. Frustrated with products that tarnished and irritated her skin, Michelle used 14k gold filled and other hypoallergenic high quality materials to design her own pieces. Thus, XO Hanalei Jewelry was born.
      Today, the brand stands as a testament to her dedication to quality and affordability, a brand that ensures customers never have to worry about their jewelry tarnishing or causing skin irritations. XO Hanalei Jewelry, a brand born out of necessity, continues to ensure perfection and customer satisfaction.



      At XO Hanalei, we are revolutionizing the way you look at jewelry. Originating from the small town of Hanalei, Kauai, XO Hanalei is the brainchild of Michelle Grout, who felt the need for quality and hypoallergenic jewelry. She turned her passion into a thriving business that provides a variety of pieces suitable for an active/island lifestyle.

      Our range includes minimalist everyday pieces, men's, and customizable options, all made from 14k gold filled and other high-quality hypoallergenic materials. We aim to offer our customers an enjoyable shopping experience, with free shipping on U.S orders of $75 and over. Our products cater to a variety of tastes and styles, ensuring that all our customers find what they're looking for. Say goodbye to skin irritation and tarnishing, and welcome the gold-filled beauty of XO Hanalei Jewelry!




      All of our jewelry is hypoallergenic and sensitive skin approved and handcrafted with sustainable high quality materials only. 
      14K GOLD FILLED:
      -Our gold filled jewelry contains 100x more gold than plated jewelry. 14k gold filled is waterproof, tarnish resistant and hypoallergenic. It can be worn in water and through all of life's adventures. It's the next best thing to solid gold. Gold filled jewelry is also a great choice for sensitive skinned people. We choose gold filled to bring you quality designs at an accessible price. 
      -Gold vermeil is a base of 925 sterling silver with a layer of real gold on top. Some of our earrings and a few charms we use are gold vermeil. Gold vermeil is another material that works great for sensitive skin. Gold vermeil is not as durable as gold filled but we still love it for the quality and base of sterling silver. 
      14K SOLID GOLD:
      - Our newest addition to XO Hanalei is our 14k fine jewelry. We chose 14k gold because it will last a lifetime. We source our diamonds and gold ethically in the U.S. We also try to keep our prices as fair as possible and don't mark up our 14k gold jewelry as high as some traditional retailers. We want you to have access to 14k solid gold pieces that are perfect for everyday wear.