How Do You Wear a Stacker Ring?

How Do You Wear a Stacker Ring?

The Secrets to Achieving the Perfectly Balanced Stack of Rings:

1: Find out your ring size. They're different for each finger usually! The best way is to buy an inexpensive ring sizing tool. You can find them on our site or on amazon. 

2: Decide. What finger or fingers you want to wear your stacking ring or rings on? We love adding stacking rings to our pointer and middle fingers. 

3: Find rings that are good quality. We recommend 14k gold filled, solid gold or gold vermeil for stacking rings. This way you don't have to worry about always removing your rings and about tarnishing or green fingers. Who wants that? We love this ring set: Everyday Ring Set.

4: Choose differing ring textures and widths. When layering rings, one of the key aspects to consider is achieving a balanced and polished look. Balancing proportions is the secret to creating a stack of rings that exudes a sense of harmony and elegance.

5: Selecting a focal ring. Still stuck? Choose a focal ring that stands out to you which will serve as the centerpiece of your stack. This ring should have a slightly larger stone or a unique design element that draws attention. Once you have your focal ring, you can add complementary rings of varying widths and sizes to create a visually pleasing composition. For example, if your focal ring has a wide band, consider adding thinner bands on either side to create a balanced effect. Conversely, if your focal ring has a more delicate band, you can balance it out by adding rings with wider bands.

With these expert techniques at your fingertips, you are now equipped to effortlessly create a perfectly balanced stack of rings that reflects your unique personality. Start experimenting and have fun showcasing your individual style with confidence!

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