Is 14k Gold-Filled Good For Sensitive Skin?

Is 14k Gold-Filled Good For Sensitive Skin?

Have you ever experienced uncomfortable and itchy skin or painful ears while wearing jewelry? If so, you may be one of the many people with sensitive skin, and finding the right jewelry materials can be a challenge. 14k gold filled jewelry has been gaining popularity in recent years as a more affordable alternative to solid gold. But is it a good option for those with sensitive skin?

The short answer is YES!!!

- 14k gold-filled is lead and nickel free!

A lot of people who are sensitive to jewelry have a lead or nickel allergy. 14k gold filled jewelry is safe for them because it is made with a core of jewelers brass and a very thick layer of real 14k gold bonded to it. Therefore it is similar to wearing solid 14k gold jewelry.

- If you can wear solid 14k gold jewelry, 14k gold-filled should be safe for you. 

Like we talked about previously the amount of 14k gold in 14k gold-filled jewelry is pretty significant meaning that the base layer will not have a chance to come in contact with your skin. Therefore if you handle solid gold jewelry well, we are almost certain that 14k gold filled will be an amazing option for you!

-We've tested it out!

I personally have sensitive skin and ears and 14k gold filled never bothers me as well as a lot of our customers! I get many messages from people that are very excited to report our jewelry doesn't irritate their ears or skin. It is such a good feeling to hear people say and for them to be able to enjoy jewelry as much as we do here at XO Hanalei. 


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