How To Effortlessly Layer Necklaces

How To Effortlessly Layer Necklaces




Layering necklaces can be so fun and is so on trend. They can totally transform and dress up a simple outfit. Layered necklaces look super cute with a basic t shirt or a low cut top. With simple necklaces like ours, you can't really go wrong mixing and matching. Here are our best tips for getting a personalized look that's not over the top.

- A choker is a good place to start because they are simple and will add dimension to the layers. 

- If you have a choker you like and only want 1 more necklace choose a lariat or Y style necklace. They look great with chokers and a low cut top. 

-  If you go with a normal necklace pick 1 to 4 necklaces in varying lengths at least 2 inches difference from each other so they sit correctly. All of our necklaces have customizable lengths from choker length to long. 


- Lately I've been loving long necklaces with a basic t-shirt and jeans. My current favorite is the Santa Croce necklace in 22 inches with another shorter coin necklace. 


- The bigger charm/pendants should be the longer length necklace and the smaller daintier charm/pendants should be the shorter length. 

 - To avoid your necklaces getting tangled DO NOT sleep with them on. It can damage them and they can become pretty tangled. Try to adjust your necklaces throughout the day to avoid tangling them.  

If you need inspiration check out our instagram! We have so many layered looks that you can replicate or get inspo from <3. 

Contact us with any questions we are here to help!





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